Run awesome remote meetings & workshops

Make remote working easy. Try using Remotings for workshop hosting. Host your sessions on one collaborative platform. Adapt to remote working without losing engagement.

Collaborate in real-time

Prepare, plan and present projects with teammates.

With our live cursors feature, you can see who is doing what on the shared multi-board.

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Host a workshop

Start a workshop and easily invite participants with a link.

Hosting a board allows you to schedule the timing of a workshop, add multiple participants, carry out poles and surveys, and assign other members to co-host the workshop or meeting.

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Six thinking hats group workshop plan with examples using an online whiteboard

Boost team engagement

Don’t let remote work cost you team engagement!

Organising, planning and brainstorming on our boards is a fun way to make workshops more interactive.

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Ready made templates

Meeting organiser tool

Make arranging meetings easier with this collaborative team planning tool.

Six thinking hats

A non-confrontational technique to allow teams to tackle problems from different angles.

Daily stand up

Daily standup

Increase team pace by sharing daily goals, obstacles and tasks.

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Make remote teamwork fun with Remotings

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