Plan and devise strategies

Devise a strategy with your team. Set up a plan of action designed to ensure an efficient workflow. See where you’re on track with your goals. Monitor potential setbacks in your strategy.

Execute a strategy faster

Choose from a range of Remotings’ ready made templates to help you speed up your processes. Now you can focus on your strategy.

Host a planning workshop

When tackling an obstacle, communication is key.

Host a planning workshop with your team. Use the board to discuss how to execute project objectives, whether short-term or long-term.

Oversee your research

View your competition and analytics data all in one place.

With our multi-board feature, you’ll no longer need to click on additional tabs to find extra documents.

Read data, affirm objectives and create strategies on a single board.

Ready made templates

Action priority matrix

Prioritise your team’s tasks to complete the most important things in order.

PESTLE analysis

Create a shared understanding of your external environment to prepare for opportunities and brace for threats.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis

Capitalise on your strengths and address your weaknesses by analysing internal and external forces.

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