Remotings can help you organise, plan and keep track of sales. Use our boards with teammates to collaborate on sales projects!

Stand apart from competitors

Use Remotings to map out customer needs and wants. Create a visual layout of competitor actions in order to decide sales tactics.

Grab the opportunity window

Spend less time building documents, and more time delighting clients. Build on our templates to save time on admin tasks.

Brainstorm a pitch

Use our boards as a blank canvas to test out ideas. Note down whatever comes to mind about your product or service, then invite colleagues to collaborate and compare.

Ready-made templates

Business Model Canvas

Buisness model canvas

Strategise your business plan all in one place.

Cost benefit analysis

Reduce bias from decision making by agreeing your firm’s costs and gains.

Value proposition

 Gather your team to differentiate yourself from competitors.

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Make remote teamwork fun with Remotings

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