Manage projects with ease

Remotings is great for project management. Use our boards to delegate tasks and keep track of workloads.

Minimise risk in project management

Remotings boards help you plan out workflows, so now you can identify potential project issues early on. Explore our board templates now to help you plan out tasks.

Breakdown workload in project management

Use our boards to keep track of your team on one platform. With Remotings boards you can collaborate in real-time with team members on projects. Try our daily stand-up template here.

Keep track of project management activity

It can be difficult to stay on top of tasks. To help with this, Remotings has designed a selection of templates to help you organise your operations. Try our timeline template here.

Ready-made templates

Risk assessment matrix

Keep your team on track by prioritising project risks and challenges.

Kanban board

Increase flexibility and efficiency by visualising your team’s tasks.

Idea prioritization

Organise your team’s ideas so you can innovate faster.

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