Create without limitation.

Use Remotings to mind map and brainstorm. Start a board to lay out your ideas no matter what size. Open a board to map out text, images, shapes, notes, or even just a doodle.

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Visualise your thoughts

Our boards let you sketch out your creations in any format.

Import your own files if you need references, or build on one of our templates if you need inspiration. The possibilities for mind maps and brainstorms are endless. 

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Build confidence

Use your private board to mind map your own thoughts and ideas. Then you can openly share them on the multi-board with the rest of your team.

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Share your creations

Remotings boards were built for teams.

If you want to, you can keep your ideas to yourself, or invite a friend of a colleague to have a look. You can also work alongside them on the same board using live cursors.

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Ready made templates

Concept poster

Visualise the essence of your idea in a design board in order to gain support.

Creative brief

Brainstorm a creative blueprint with your team or client.

Idea board

Use this template for an unlimited creative sprawl of images, visuals and more.

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