Remotings is ideal for projects, classes and groups. Students can collaborate on a board together in real time. Teachers can oversee work and help out when they need.

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Extend the classroom to anywhere

Remotings wants to help you adapt to online teaching. Our platform makes it easy for teachers and students to interact and work together

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Keep students engaged

Worried about losing the energy of the in-person classroom?

Using Remotings is a great way to keep students interested. Our platform lets students be creative on the board.

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Build confidence

Our boards let students collaborate in real time. Pupils and teachers can also use their private board to start their work, and move it over to the public multi-board, if they wish.

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Ready-made templates

Lessons learned

Reflect on the positives and negatives of past projects to improve future projects.

The golden circle

Inspire students by communicating what the upcoming tasks are, how to do them, and what the purpose of the lesson is.

Idea board

Help your students express their thoughts without judgement in an unlimited brainstorm.

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Make remote teamwork fun with Remotings

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