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Remotings is a visual space that allows teams to work bettter together online.

Teams, clients and students can interact online using shared spaces, sticky notes and collaborative tools that increases team productivity, creates better two way communication and reduce meeting times.

Remotings uses the latest tools and security to provide better outcomes for organisations in remote and hybrid working environments.

Solutions for every situation

  • Agile management

    Daily standup

    Keep your team in sync by communicating workflows, roadblocks and solutions.

  • Marketing

    PESTLE Analysis

    Create a shared understanding of the external environment to maximise opportunities and minimise threats.

  • Marketing

    Meeting organiser tool

    Simplify communication on one easy, collaborative planner.

    Why it works

    Seriously creative
    Our solutions are very visual and extremely interactive making it fun and creative for users.

    Easy to use
    Users find it extremely easy to get started without any training so everyones contribution is included.

    Team Productivity Hack
    It will give your teams immediate productivity benefits and improved outcomes.

    Designed for collaboration it is ideal for transforming online sessions to make them more collaborative. 

    Best practice training
    Participants benefit from using ‘best practice’ tools and templates improving team personal development.

    Quicker meetings
    The tools make preparing, running and following up meetings quicker.

    Create motivated & performing remote teams

    Great teams start with communication and alignment.

    Empower remote teams

    Why present at people when Remotings allows everyone to participate and share their creative ideas! Participants can get started in seconds. Unlimited sticky notes. Create and share a new board with your team in under a minute.

    Kanban Agile Virtual Whiteboard

    Improve meeting productivity

    Make your meetings between 10 and 30% more productive. Imagine the corporate saving when rolled out across teams. Less preparation, more structured, shared outcomes and actions. All this makes decision making faster, follow up actions easier and improved outcomes.

    Enhance team motivation

    People make teams successful. Allowing people to meaningfully contribute through Remotings to strategy, brainstorming, new ideas and every day to day meetings, all makes for more motivated teams and engaged teams.

    Virtual Daily Standup Stand up

    Watch the video…

    To find out why people are moving to a new way of running meetings, workshops and events.

    Achieve 'Pro' status

    Improve your own credibility and stature with well structured and efficient meetings. Solve problems and find opportunities with your teams, capture organize and prioritize ideas with your team and turn ideas into actions and outcomes.

    Business Model Canvas

    Use with your existing video conferencing

    Remotings works alongside your existing video conferencing so your team can use the tools they prefer and love. We also integrate straight from popular enterprise login providers such as Microsoft, Google or even Facebook so your team will be safe and in a trusted location.

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